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ContentERP is an all-in-one platform designed to streamline your content workflow and keep you organized. Ditch the spreadsheets and multiple applications! ContentERP brings everything together in one central location. Our software allows you to manage your entire content creation process, from brainstorming to publishing, build and manage teams, set deadlines, and schedule content.

ContentERP also provides powerful features to help you succeed. Conduct keyword research, gain valuable insights and analytics, integrate your favorite tools, and publish content on the go. Securely store your content, automate tasks, track team performance, and receive instant notifications—all within a user-friendly platform. ContentERP is the solution you need to take control of your content creation and grow your niche site.

Overview of the ContentERP Dashboard

Summary of the ContentERP Dashboard

The ContentERP’s dashboard is intuitive and very interactive. It allows you to visualize your content strategy with a clear view of where each piece is in the process, from brainstorming to publication. Plan and manage your content, create and manage a team, track task progress, and monitor team performance with insightful metrics like task completion rates and content creation times. Our user-friendly interface allows you to toggle between your tasks and activities using our modules. Here’s a quick overview of what our dashboard looks like;

1.       Profile Icon: Use this icon to update your profile, change your profile icon, update your subscription, view account and billing information, customize your ContentERP dashboard experience, and log out of your account.

2.   Select Role: The option labeled 2 allows you to switch between roles. Remember, you must have customized the roles before you’re able to switch between these roles. Additionally, the selected role will determine the available features.

3.   Quick Create To-Do: Quickly create lists of to-do activities on the go. Remember a task you need to complete? This icon allows you to create and delete to-do activities, and mark activities as completed.

4.   Notification: Quickly check notifications, view important activities, and keep updated about team activities. Assigned tasks and other important activities will be displayed here.

5.   Light/Dark Mode: This icon allows you to toggle between light and dark mode. Prevent excessive UV light into your eyes and reduce eye strain by switching between light and dark mode where necessary.

6.   Date and Time: Stay up to date and keep the deadline in mind. You can track the date and time and see how far ahead/behind you are on the schedule.

7.   Modules: Modules are the overall organization and arrangement of our menus and tools that you can utilize in creating and managing your content and team efficiently.

8.   Content Status: It displayed the total number of content created on our system across different connected sites. It also lists the number of content in each status either completed, in progress, not started, or in review.

9.   Content Overview: Keep track of the number of sites you have connected to our system, the total content across all sites, and the number of users on your team. It also displays the number of content created and published over the last 48 hours.

10.   Content Overview by Month: This is a continuation of 9 above, it displays the number of content created and published in the last 2 months and compares it to the set target.11.Content List: This allows you to keep track of all content that is in progress across all the sites. It displays the site, title, keywords, and team members assigned to the task.


  • Contents in ContentERP refers to high-quality, valuable information that tells a story in a context-appropriate manner with the objective of eliciting an emotion or engagement. Content can be expressed in a variety of formats such as text, graphics or photos, visuals or video, audio, and presentations.
  • Collaborate with other team members in creating, managing, and uploading content with ease. Our system supports adding multiple team mates and roles to the particular content and specify which aspect each individual will be contributing on.
  • The content feature is designed to help our users create, manage, and organize their contents in sites according to niche, purpose, or usage.
  • The system is designed to allow our users download an export file of all their contents on our platform for review or further usage.
  • In the same vein, the users can easily upload their existing content on their account using the “import content” function.
  • Additionally, taking notes of important points and key areas is simplified with the “note” feature. This note feature allows all collaborators to add notes to the content. This note can be used to point the attention of other collaborators to key aspects of the content, take note of corrections, or even take note of important milestones within the content.
ContentERP Content management module

Keyword Research/Analysis

  • The keyword research allows our users to carry our keyword research for their content and to analyze the keywords for SEO.
  • Choose to either research high-ranking keywords for your article or analyze existing keywords for SEO ranking potential.
  • Generate alternative keywords that can be used alongside the main keyword to achieve high SEO score.
  • Streamline your search results to your exact needs using the filter feature. This feature allows our users to filter their research according to search volume, CPC, competition, backlinks, and SERP score.
  • Carry out keyword research for one article at a time. Select the article to be researched and the keywords for the article.
  • Take control of your keyword research and perform direct actions based on the demand. You can either create new articles based on keywords, add the keywords to existing articles, or save for later.
  • Save keywords for usage in other article(s) with the “save for later” feature, which allows the user to save keywords. The saved keywords can be added to another articles or analyzed later.
  • Research synonyms for your keywords. Break keywords into separate words and research their synonyms using the Synonym Selector. This allows our users to effortlessly research keywords and generate alternative keywords to improve their SEO ranking.
  • Learn about your SEO top competitors, discover top ranking pages for a specific keyword. We provide top links for each keyword you’re researching or analyzing.
ContentERP keyword research and analysis dashboard

CERP Writer

  • Write, generate, curate, and edit your content using the ContentERP Writer (Cerp Writer). The AI-powered content writing feature that simplifies the content writing process.
  • Generate full articles or in parts and format to your taste. The user-friendly platform allows the users to generate up to 1000-word article from introduction to the conclusion.
  • Generate images and cover photos for your articles. With our AI image generators, you can add unique images and pictures to your articles with ease.
  • Easily format your article for publishing. You can format every aspect of your article with the Cerp Writer, from the font style, to font size, and justification. Add blockquotes, superscripts and subscripts, insert hyperlinks and anchors.
  • Trace back your steps while editing a content with the undo and redo features that allows the users to correct their mistakes.
  • Rephrase your articles line-by-line or paragraph-by-paragraph to generate a unique article that beats plagiarism.
  • Convert short paragraphs to long and compound paragraphs using the “expand text” feature. The feature allows you to generate a long form paragraph for a selected section of your articles, be it paragraphs or sentences.
  • Simplify your writing process with a tailored outline for the article. Generate specific and tailored outline for your articles with just simple prompt.
CERP Writer - Content creation dashboard

Task Progress

  • Never lose track of your content creation progress. Track work progress and task status according to sites.
  • Team members can track the tasks assigned to them, complete their part and submit for review.
  • Team leaders can monitor the list of all pending tasks, monitor their due dates, and ensure the tasks are completed before the due date.
  • Track employees performance and discover what needs to be done to complete a content creation process. Team leaders can monitor the tasks assigned to each team members to complete an article and know who is yet to finish their part.
  • Request for review or rework of a completed task. Team leaders can request that a team member rework a part that have been marked as completed. Enabling efficient job delivery and content creation process.
ContentERP Task management dashboard

Users & Teams

  • Experienced simplified team management with the user and team module. Easily manage and invite new users to your team within the ContentERP dashboard.
  • Assign roles and manage team members roles with ease. The assigned roles determines the access permission granted to the team member.
  • Easily monitor invitations to the team. You can choose to delete unaccepted invitations and keep them, all from the invitation tab in this module.
  • Enjoy simplified organization management like never before. Assign several roles to employees, assign permission based of the assigned role, and track the number of employees assigned the same role.
  • Create and manage multiple teams within an account. Manage employees within multiple groups and optimize task management all in a single account.
CERP User and team management


Discuss with other ContentERP users and share solutions to common problems. The forums module allows all users to initiate conversation on common topics, brainstorm solutions to common problems, and generally share ideas.

Start your own topic and let others contribute, while also contributing to other people’s conversations at the same time. Overall, Forums is an open platform where all our users can come together to rub minds together and share insightful ideas and achieve easier content creation process altogether.

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