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Your Dream Job in 4 Steps: How to Become a Brand Content Writer


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There’s a reason why some of the brand content, articles and social posts, feel so personal and attractive to read. They have this “Wow, this really speaks to me” thing about them. That’s a subtle art of brand content writing that makes you feel connected to the content. Interested in learning how to ‘speak brand’ like that? Your first step is to know how to become a brand content writer, something we’ll learn in this article.

What Is The Role of A Brand Content Writer?

Imagine you are at a meeting and have to represent your company. How would you introduce them to your audience then? What would you talk about, how will you approach the topic? Would you be bold and energetic or composed and formal?

This is what the role of a brand content writer is. Unlike the general content writing professionals, their approach is customized and specific to the audience of that brand to meet any specific business objective.

To write for a brand, you have to become a part of the brand itself. You begin to think like the brand, speak like the brand and thoroughly understand what the brand stands for. This is what it means to “speak brand”. Your job and primary role as a brand content writer is to figure this out and use it to create content that speaks to your audience and makes them take an action – be it a purchase, a newsletter signup or something as trivial as a like on a social media post.

Role of A Brand Content Writer

Why Become a Brand Content Writer?

For one valid reason: brand content writers are high in demand nowadays and the salaries are lucrative for professionals who know their stuff. Content marketing is the king now and seems like businesses now have recognized its value as around 43% of small businesses want to invest more to improve their online visibility in 2024.

Content marketing gets three times more leads than paid search advertising and has created a plethora of opportunities for those writers who can really adapt and excel in brand content creation.

What’s more, a juicy annual wage of over $78,000 is also attractive enough for most content writers to focus on brand content writing and increase their chances of earning even further.

How to Become a Brand Content Writer – Requirements & Skills

· Be Able To Write a Variety of Brand Content

What caught your attention the last time you were scrolling through the social media? A catchy headline? Some attractive visuals? Or were they simple words that jumped off the page directly into your heart? Well, brands need that type of content for every platform they are on.

Here’s what a brand content writer may need to write and connect with their audiences:

1.    Blogs

Blog content gives some insights and updates related to the brand’s field. Brands require blogs to educate their readers and engage them to do something meaningful.

2.    Social Media Content

Every content you see on social media platforms is meant to catch your eye. Brands need it to create awareness and make their audience interact with it in any way, be it a comment, share or just a like.

3.    Product Descriptions

The products or services a brand produces need to be sold. Product descriptions highlight their features and make them desirable to the audience.

4.    Marketing Funnel Content

Brands look to create flawlessly engaging and attractive content for their marketing purposes and conversions like emails, landing pages, ads to increase sales and engagements.

To thoroughly understand how to become a brand content writer, the first thing to know is that each type of content is different and demands a separate tone and style.

For example, social media content is lighter, brief, highly engaging and more direct. Its aim is to increase engagement. However, for a blog, the content is comprehensive and the aim is to build trust and authority.

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· SEO: Be Proficient in On-Page Optimization

If a brand is not on Google’s first page, it might as well just not exist at all. SEO drives more than 50% of web traffic so it’s something a brand content writer can never ignore. They should know how to use keywords and optimize them naturally and smoothly so that the readers don’t even notice them.

Mind you, Google’s got much sharper than before so SEO is not just only about stuffing keywords anymore. It includes having a good content structure, attractive headings, SEO title, meta description and optimized images as well now.

· Adaptability: Be Flexible to Adapt to Brand’s Voice

Let’s imagine you have written something, a blog for instance, for a tech company today. The next day, you are writing for a family-run bakery. Then your one, style and even the language will have a dramatic shift in them all.

For the tech company, you might have used some technical terms and jargons to sound authoritative and formal so that you could sell a new software. For the bakery however, you’d have used a softer and warmer tone to make its audience crave its fresh buns and pastries.

This is how a brand content writer shifts around with flexibility like a chameleon to adapt to the brand’s voice and make the content do their bidding. It’s a huge skill that will set you apart if understood and implemented correctly.

Skills Required to Become A Brand Content Writer

How to Become a Brand Content Writer – 4 Steps to Follow

So you want to join the evergreen world of brand content writing? Great choice. If you push yourself to become good enough, you’ll have opportunities and creativity lying around you all the time. Let’s walk through the steps you’ll need to take to know how to become a brand content writer.

Step 1: Get the Required Education and Training

But is learning really necessary? Absolutely. There’s simply no way around it. Benjamin Franklin once said “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” And how right he was when we take into account Google algorithms that keep changing how content writing impacts a brand’s audience. So to keep up and polish your skills, you HAVE to acquire that knowledge.

Here’s how to get started:

a)    Enroll In Targeted Courses, Certifications & Workshops

Look into digital marketing and SEO certification courses offered by Google or HubSpot. Yeah, we know general content writing courses are useful too but they’ll only teach you so much. You have to take part in up-to-date, industry-recognized courses that are verified and can improve your overall digital skillset and not just content writing.

And the good news? Most of them are often free or low-cost. Here are some of the free courses you can enroll in:

In addition to such courses, you can also join the workshops and webinars to get more immediate and practical learning experience.

There are various channels and digital marketing experts who often host such webinars to inform their audience about the latest trends and the tips and techniques.

For instance, Simplilearn’s YouTube channel is quite active and they regularly host such webinars and live teaching classes to make sure their students and followers stay updated.

b)   Self-Study Resources & Learn From the Best

So the courses are good enough to learn the basics. But if you want to follow the latest updates and see what’s working and what’s not before they are incorporated in those courses, start following the industry leaders.

LinkedIn and Twitter are your best friends in this regard. Content marketing leaders like Neil Patel, Seth Godin and Ann Handley post their videos and analysis almost on daily basis and also offer invaluable insights through their blogs and books.

We’ve always followed Neil Patel closely on Facebook and he also shares a lot of real world examples and case studies to prove what a successful brand and its content should be like.

How to Become a Brand Content Writer - Step 1 Get The Required Education & Training

Step 2: Gain Experience – It’s Crucial

Think of it this way: knowledge and skills are the tools you have but experience is what shows you how to use them effectively. It’s what tells you how to apply what you’ve learned in real-world scenarios specifically when real stakes are involved.

Here’s how you can gain experience:

a)    Apply for Internships Even If They Are Unpaid

You’ve just set foot in the digital marketing world and knowing how to become a brand content writer is not as easy as it seems. So start looking for opportunities around you.

Not getting any job offers? Don’t worry, land an internship instead, even if it’s unpaid. They help you build your resume and learn everything from the inside. According to Flair HR, around 70% of internships turn into full-time job offers.

That’s huuggee!

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b)   Sign Up As a Content Writing Volunteer

A great way to build your portfolio without using any platforms is to volunteer your writing services. Offer your brand content writing services to non-profits or local community groups and have your name written as the author of that work as your incentive.

See how the portfolio starts building? Plus, it feels great to give back.

c)    Look for Freelance Projects on Freelancing Websites

Start small. It will eventually lead to big opportunities. Use online platforms like Upwork or Freelancer to take on small projects that can build your portfolio while you look around for in-office jobs.

As per a recent survey, over 57% of freelancers use these platforms to find consistent work.

How to Become a Brand Content Writer - Step 2 Gain Experience

Step 3: Start Building a Good Portfolio

Just like how you need a passport to enter a foreign country, your portfolio is the passport that’ll let you enter a new world of high-paying writing jobs if you know how to become a brand content writer. Adobe says that 59% of hiring managers prefer work portfolios over traditional resumes.

So now that you have gained ample experience, build a portfolio and make sure it’s well-organized and shows a range of skills:

a)    Show a Variety of Content

Try to include samples that show your ability to write in different styles and for different platforms such as blogs, social media and email marketing.

Your diverse content writing skills will show your potential employers or clients that you are flexible and adaptable to their needs.

b)   Present Everything Very Professionally

One of the first pointers that show your skills and profile in good light is the way of present your skills and work experience in your portfolio.

Create a simple and clean website on WordPress or Wix or use platforms like Behance where your work and experience should be easily visible and accessible.

Present every piece without any typos or formatting errors so your potential clients could see how your profile stands out from the rest.

c)    Highlight Your Successful Projects

If you have metrics or results from previous work (e.g., a blog post that ranked well on Google or a campaign that led to increased engagement), include these on your portfolio website. They’re concrete proof of your skills.

For instance, if a blog post you wrote increased traffic to a client’s website by 40%, mention this as it speaks volumes about your actual skills and shows you know your way around the maze of digital marketing.

d)   Include Some Testimonials and Feedback

Another foolproof way to win your clients over is to add the feedback and testimonials of your previous clients. Ask them to be detailed and honest in their reviews about your services as they’ll play a huge role to convince your future clients about your abilities to handle their projects.

How to Become a Brand Content Writer - Step 3 Build Your Portfolio

Step 4: Network and Market Yourself

You may think, “Why can’t I just let my work speak for itself?” Well, creating a portfolio is not enough because how would you make your profile reach the potential clients at all?

A study revealed that over 80% of professionals consider networking to be key to career success. While quality work is crucial, in the digital age, networking is what places your work in front of the right eye. Think of it as the seeds you’ll plant now to sow the sweet fruit later:

a)    Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Profile

This platform is simply a goldmine for writers. First, make sure that your profile is fully optimized and updated. Then, connect with industry professionals, join relevant groups and participate in discussions as much as you can.

Once you start sharing your projects and insights, these connections will lead to job opportunities and collaborations. So post regularly and engage in healthy discussions to put yourself out there.

b)   Build Your Personal Brand

If there’s one thing that can attract clients and employers to you and not the other way around, it is your personal branding. So establish a personal brand that reflects your unique experience as a brand content writer and professional skills.

Once you have created a professional LinkedIn profile and a portfolio website, it’s time to create social media pages for your company or services. Expand as much as you can to capture more of your potential clients in different digital spaces.

How to Become a Brand Content Writer - Step 4 Market Yourself

How to Become a Brand Content Writer – Time to Engage With the Brands

Now that you’ve got your foot in the door with some solid experience and a good network, what’s next? Let’s talk about when you receive an offer from a brand and how you can actively work with them to make sure that your career as a brand content writer continues to thrive.

· Craft A Solid, Solution-Oriented Proposal Every Time

When brands approach you or you pitch your services to them, your proposal should speak directly to their needs and goals. Keep this in mind that a brand only requires people who can become a part of their vision.

So do your research, understand what the brand stands for and suggest content ideas that fulfill their needs and align with their marketing strategies.

For instance, if a brand wants to expand its online presence, mention specifically how your SEO-focused articles will enhance their visibility, what steps you’ll take, what solutions you’ll provide and what the results will be.

· Understand & Implement Brand Briefs Properly

Let’s suppose you have been finalized as the ideal candidate and are now employed by the brand. What they’ll provide you initially will be a brand brief.

A brand brief is kind of a roadmap that a brand wants you to follow for all its content writing services. It highlights what they want you to accomplish with your content. So take as much time as you need to really digest what’s asked of you.

Don’t ever hesitate to ask questions if something isn’t clear. According to a report, 43% of content marketers say that they struggle when communicating with influencers or writers and one of the major reasons is that the right questions are never asked and clear answers are never provided.

· Don’t Get Frustrated With Feedback and Revisions

Dealing with feedback is part of the game so never worry about getting too much of it. Remember that revisions aren’t a sign of failure but instead opportunities to refine and improve your content and strategies further.

So maintain professionalism and be open to constructive criticism. Don’t get frustrated at all and implement changes while having an aim to exceed expectations with each revision.

How To Engage With Brands As A Content Writer

How to Maintain a Successful Career as a Brand Content Writer

Content strategies and preferences are changing every month so it’s extremely crucial for you to stay updated and relevant to get the best results possible.

Here’s what will help you stay on top of your brand content writing game:

  • Keep Learning & Adapting Continuously
  • Follow the Current Content Trends
  • Create a Regular Feedback Channel

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Elevate Your Brand Content Writing with ContentERP

ContentERP is an all-in-one revolutionary content management software that can improve your content writing for brands by providing a suite of tools designed to streamline the entire content creation process from keyword research to content publication.

Here are just SOME of its features:

  • Streamline Your Workflow Management: ContentERP helps you manage multiple content projects with its intuitive dashboard and makes sure that you never miss a deadline again.
  • Improve Your Collaborations: ContentERP enables collaborations in a seamless way between writers, editors, and brand managers. This feature helps you gather feedback and make revisions quickly.
  • Optimize Your Content Strategy: Now you can plan and execute a content strategy with built-in tools for keyword integration and SEO optimization.
  • Get Real-Time Analytics: Get real-time insights into how your team is performing and what their wages are at your fingertips. This data will help you make data-driven decisions to improve engagement and effectiveness.
Elevate Your Brand Content Writing Services with ContentERP


So now you know how to become a brand content writer it’s time to take the plunge into the world of lucrative content writing. Just keep in mind that every blog you write, every social media post you update and every product description you upload should speak “brand” to engage and convert your audience into buyers.

So invest time in your education, gain some experience and then create a strong portfolio to build a career and get hired by brands to shape their future. Keep your skills sharp and use tools like ContentERP to keep your content strategies extremely effective with minimal efforts.

The brands of tomorrow need your voice today. So roll up your sleeves and start learning right away.

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